Meaning of machine shop in English:

machine shop


  • 1A workshop for making or repairing mechanical items.

    ‘send any damaged part to the machine shop for repair’
    • ‘The typical garage is home to all sorts of things, from sports equipment to a home machine shop.’
    • ‘All of the machinery was driven by a steam engine in the basement of the machine shop.’
    • ‘Water flooded the entire hay field and backed up into the horse paddocks right up to the elevation of his machine shop.’
    • ‘As a boy I worked in my father's machine shop and at the age of 15 I invented a rotary engine.’
    • ‘His workshop included a vast collection of test equipment, tools, and technical manuals, as well as a professional machine shop for custom fabrication.’
    • ‘Machine shops for the Georgia Railroad turned out cannon weighing between 600 and 800 pounds each.’
    • ‘Then we went to the machine shop and mounted the spindle in the lathe, and with the dial indicator checked the spindle for straightness.’
    • ‘Inside was a machine shop, welders, and engine hoists, mechanical arms, and conveyor belts.’
    • ‘We all were able to bring various views to the table, including the machine shop, where the modifications were performed.’
    • ‘The school's industrial arts area, with machine shop and auto mechanics shop, also serve the adult education programs in the evenings.’
    1. 1.1North American A small company that uses machines to make or repair things.
      ‘both companies started out as machine shops’
      • ‘This caused Olds to sign contracts with the owners of small machine shops to manufacture many parts for his cars.’
      • ‘Our small machine shop has found it cheaper to import some products from overseas than to build them in-house.’
      • ‘The company is actually a division of the Horse of Iron, which is a family-owned and operated precision machine shop.’
      • ‘In 1965 they moved to Grunthal, where he established his well-known business Champion Auto and Machine Shop, which was continuously active till 1997.’
      • ‘Benoit, president of a machine shop in St. Johnsbury, has been watching the wages at the local McDonald's with a wary eye.’
      • ‘After the war, Julius opened a small machine shop in Manhattan.’
      • ‘Phil brought the problem to a machine shop called Global Precision, and we had them do three pieces of work.’
      • ‘Providence area machine shops trained many of America's leading mechanics, but their links to armories were episodic at most.’
      • ‘Mark owns a machine shop (parts manufacturing) in the South Bay.’
      • ‘Dan also oversees the Moonbeam Machine Shop, a separate division that he and Claude bought a few years ago as a 50/50 partnership.’