Meaning of Machupo in English:


Pronunciation /məˈtʃuːpəʊ/


(also Machupo virus)
mass nounMedicine
  • A South American arenavirus carried by rodents, which causes a rare form of haemorrhagic fever in humans.

    ‘After months of investigation, US government isolated the Machupo virus from the Arenavirus family as the cause of the outbreaks.’
    • ‘The etiologic agent, Machupo virus, is a member of the family Arenaviridae and is maintained in the rodent C. callosus, the natural reservoir.’
    • ‘The infant hamster appears to be the most sensitive host system thus far devised for detection of naturally occurring strains of Machupo virus.’


1960s from the name of the River Machupo in Bolivia, where the disease was first recognized.