Meaning of macromolecule in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmakrəʊˈmɒlɪkjuːl/


  • A molecule containing a very large number of atoms, such as a protein, nucleic acid, or synthetic polymer.

    ‘During these reactions, they are chemically linked forming macromolecules, or polymers, which have large molecular weights.’
    • ‘Polyvinyl chloride is a macromolecule that results from the free-radical polymerization of vinyl chloride.’
    • ‘Polypropylene is a linear macromolecule, or polymer, composed of repeating units of isopropane.’
    • ‘Dendrimers are well-defined, highly branched macromolecules which have uniform molecular weight.’
    • ‘Polymer chemistry is the field of study concerned with the production, classification, and modification of macromolecules or polymers.’