Meaning of macule in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmakjuːl/


  • An area of skin discoloration.

    ‘The lesions first appear as macules or papules distributed in a dermatomal pattern, which progress into vesicles, then pustules, and, finally, crusts.’
    • ‘The skin lesions are nonpalpable macules that may persist for months to years and are typically asymptomatic except for the cosmetic appearance.’
    • ‘Impetigo is characterized by red macules and vesicles that can rupture with purulent exudates.’
    • ‘The rash typically begins as pink macules, 2 to 6 mm in diameter, located on the wrists, forearms, ankles, palms and soles.’
    • ‘The ash-colored macules vary in size and shape and are localized to the arms, neck and trunk.’
    spot, mark, patch, pop, dot, speck, speckle, freckle, smudge, smear, streak, stain, blotch, blot, splash, dab, daub


Late 15th century from French, or from Latin macula ‘spot’.