Main meanings of madras in English

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mass noun
  • 1A strong cotton fabric with colourful stripes or checks.

    as modifier ‘a short-sleeved madras shirt’
    • ‘For women's wear, the firm generated interest with its crushed voile in small plaids and stronger madras plaids, noted Luc Wende, marketing manager.’
    • ‘The costume features madras fabric, introduced from India after Antigua won independence.’
    • ‘He wore a Shazi polo shirt - a mixture of black and madras cloth.’
    • ‘They looked about sixty or so, weekenders, he in jeans and madras shirt, she in a white t-shirt under summer dress, both with that healthy gleam you see in older folks a lot these days, all active-minds and fiberful-digestions.’
    • ‘Stripes and plaids, mostly madras style, were in both prints and yam dyes.’
    • ‘I close my eyes and, once more, imagine him standing before me, all tan muscles, adorable grin, tousled brown hair, and sea-green eyes, fingering the hem of his madras button-down in that cute nervous way he has.’
    • ‘Afterwards, we stapled madras tissue (it's variegated with beautiful colors) over their line drawing paper.’
    • ‘I don't remember how long the first madras trend lasted - just a summer somewhere in the '60s, maybe?’
    • ‘For the prepsters, madras returns in a variety of colours.’
    • ‘On the yacht, you'll have the true believers in capitalism (in their madras jackets), and on dry land, everyone else - hurling insults at them.’
    • ‘When I turned back, he was still standing at the stage, big as life, in that ugly madras jacket.’
    • ‘He's wearing a madras hat, plaid women's slacks that go down only as far as his shins, and a plaid jacket with two drooping flowers in his lapel.’
    • ‘Rose had used babysitting money to buy a new pair of pedal pushers and a madras plaid cropped top.’
    • ‘Eastern Ijo memorial arts, including the funeral bed shown in the preceding gallery, which is elaborately decorated with Indian madras, also reflect the eclectic approach taken by Delta artists.’
    • ‘They wear a George, or madras, wrapper and carry brass bells.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Sportmax went for 1970s romance with long hippie skirts in madras.’
    • ‘Ashanti kept his head tied with a madras bandana.’
    • ‘It consists of a madras head-tie and a skirt with lace petticoats draped at the sides.’
  • 2A dish of meat, fish, or vegetables in a hot curry sauce.

    ‘There were about 15 main dishes in total, including about half-a-dozen for vegetarians, with all the sauces being pretty much run-of-the-mill, such as korma, madras and jalfrezi.’
    • ‘Just when you think you couldn't possibly see another choice, a new page opens up in the menu, hitting you with dhansak, dupiaza, madras and vindaloo.’
    • ‘After these there are nine chicken varieties including a madras, korma and vindaloo.’
    • ‘For the main courses, Emily chose to wrap her fireproof tonsils around a king prawn madras, with onion rice.’
    • ‘A balti or madras probably contains the most turmeric, but there are health benefits in all curries.’



/məˈdrɑːs/ /məˈdras/


Mid 19th century (in Madras handkerchief, a brightly coloured handkerchief of silk and cotton): by association with Madras.

Main meanings of Madras in English

: madras1Madras2


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proper noun

former name (until 1995) for Chennai
former name (until 1968) for the state of Tamil Nadu



/məˈdrɑːs/ /məˈdras/