Meaning of madrasa in English:


Pronunciation /məˈdrasə/


(also madrasah)
  • A college for Islamic instruction.

    ‘So, at most madrasa graduates can aspire to become teachers in madrasas, imams in mosques or else open another madrasa of their own.’
    • ‘Irwin supports the theory that the Court of Lions was never a palace at all; rather, it was a madrasa, an Islamic college, its architecture derived from madrasas in Morocco with their colonnaded cloisters.’
    • ‘In Turkey, most madrasas (medreses) were closed and state schools opened; at al-Azhar, secular faculties were introduced.’
    • ‘In the absence of an overall coordinating body or a federation of madrasas, each madrasa is free to set its own syllabus and adopt its own teaching methods.’
    • ‘As mentioned above, Islamic madrasas were part of mosques themselves.’


Arabic, ‘school, college’, from darasa ‘to study’.