Meaning of Magic Marker in English:

Magic Marker

Pronunciation /ˌmadʒɪk ˈmɑːkə/


  • An indelible marker pen.

    ‘To anyone unfamiliar with them, geological maps can look like the work of a child who went crazy with Magic Markers, using every possible hue in seemingly random patterns.’
    • ‘She baked at night in her dorm room and made her own labels with colored paper and Magic Markers.’
    • ‘To alleviate some of the problems, I have taken a few steps that others may profit from, including the use of a black Magic Marker and setting a high intensity lamp on the table during play.’
    • ‘Turning to the easel, he pulled a Magic Marker from the aluminum edge and drew three circles in blue ink on the white board.’
    • ‘Rather than waste a couple hundred yen on makeup, the filmmakers superimposed a squiggly Magic Marker line to represent the reptile.’
    • ‘We're still trying to scrub the Magic Marker off the walls and furniture.’
    • ‘But I think maybe cutting the keyhole in the front of my T-shirt and drawing arrows on it with Magic Marker pointing to the wound was perhaps a little over the top.’
    • ‘She made 340 portraits of blood relatives on her mother's side, carried out as more or less instantaneous caricatures in Magic Marker.’