Meaning of magic mushroom in English:

magic mushroom


  • A toadstool with hallucinogenic properties, especially the liberty cap and its relatives.

    Genus Psilocybe, family Strophariaceae, class Hymenomycetes: several species

    • ‘The Bill also clarifies the illegal status of hallucinogenic magic mushrooms in their freshly-picked form, to bring them into line with dried specimens.’
    • ‘He is a level-headed fifty-something, who has never, as far as I know, eaten magic mushrooms or swallowed hallucinogenic drugs.’
    • ‘The new legislation rules that psilocin, the hallucinogen found in magic mushrooms, is illegal and the mushrooms are considered to be controlled drugs.’
    • ‘Currently it is not illegal to possess raw magic mushrooms, which contain powerful hallucinogenic properties, but when prepared they become a class A drug.’
    • ‘This mushroom is perhaps the most widely used hallucinogenic fungus, commonly known as the magic mushroom.’
    • ‘Six cannabis plants were seized along with a quantity of cannabis resin and the hallucinogenic drug LSD referred to on the streets as magic mushrooms.’
    • ‘Police seized an undisclosed amount of money along with 225 kilograms of bundled-up marijuana and about 14 kilograms of magic mushrooms from a rental van and a small freight cartage truck.’
    • ‘In this other time beyond all the other times, one finds oneself in the holy mountains; there one can gather healing herbs, magic mushrooms, and elixirs that bring immortality.’
    • ‘It is legal to purchase the magic mushrooms if they are in a natural ‘just picked’ state, but they become a Class A drug if they are ‘prepared’ such as being frozen, dried or packed.’
    • ‘He was later convicted of driving while disqualified and without insurance, and in March he appeared in court and admitted having £1,5000 of cocaine in his home, plus cannabis and magic mushrooms.’
    • ‘And last year Customs and Excise ruled that fresh magic mushrooms should be subject to VAT at 17.5 per cent, rather than treated as a zero-rated food.’
    • ‘Look, your observation has been that research into psychedelics like Mescaline, like DMT, like the magic mushrooms, has recently undergone something of a renaissance.’
    • ‘That has produced a legal framework which allows magic mushrooms to be sold in their natural state but threatens anyone caught taking the mushrooms home and preparing them - with a prison sentence of up to seven years.’
    • ‘Previously, only prepared magic mushrooms either dried or stewed were graded class A drugs, but confusion about what was and wasn't prepared prompted the Government to tighten the rules.’
    • ‘Information on mushroom growing is rather scant on the internet (unless you want to know how to grow magic mushrooms, which I don't), so I'm flying blind.’
    • ‘The University of Arizona has begun trials of psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, on patients suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder.’
    • ‘Under Clause 21 of the Drugs Act 2005, it is now an offence to import, export, produce, supply, possess or possess with intent to supply magic mushrooms.’
    • ‘Other substances that can exacerbate mental health problems include alcohol, coffee, amyl nitrate, salvia divonorum and fresh magic mushrooms, all of which are legal.’
    • ‘Guterson creates a disturbing, mesmeric atmosphere, leaving his readers unsure whether Ann's visions are the result of divine revelation or magic mushrooms.’
    • ‘Researchers found that children as young as 11 admitted taking a range of drugs including heroin, amphetamines, magic mushrooms and solvents.’


magic mushroom