Meaning of magically in English:



  • 1Using or as if by magic.

    ‘a card seemed to appear magically in his hand’
    ‘bad scripts don't magically transform into masterpieces on the screen’
    • ‘He discovers that donning the dusty drapery magically transforms him into a genuine vampire.’
    • ‘In this hyperkinetic action-fantasy pic, chaos reigns at a school for the magically inclined.’
    • ‘The Black Fortress could magically teleport itself around the surface of the planet.’
    • ‘It told the strange story of one man's yearning to fit into society so much that he magically morphed into his surroundings with ease.’
    • ‘If your uncle's head is cut out of the picture on the screen, it won't magically reappear when you hit the Print button.’
    • ‘Nestled between the two wings of the inn was a hedge maze that would magically rearrange itself every day.’
    • ‘She is rummaging around my desk as if it were going to magically produce some corn dogs.’
    • ‘The opening scene, where he magically inflates an obnoxious relative, could be right out of James and the Giant Peach.’
    • ‘It seems to me that you were expecting your guy to read your mind and somehow magically know that you wanted an engagement ring for Christmas.’
    • ‘He could not openly defy his brother Pluto, since they were divine equals, but he magically provided Persephone with a secret escape clause to her marriage vow.’
  • 2In a beautiful or delightful way.

    ‘he played magically’
    • ‘Effortlessly, magically, the camera scales the building to reveal a ballet class in progress.’
    • ‘The most rewarding aspect of the exhibition involved moving into and through the magically transformed space of the gallery.’
    • ‘Think of San Francisco and the images of its bridges appearing and disappearing magically in the fog.’
    • Frida is exhilarating because the director finds magically creative ways to depict the artist's inner reality.’
    • ‘It is barely discernible in daylight, yet after dusk it becomes magically pronounced.’
    • ‘Artists were stimulated by Pliny's descriptions of painted grapes so magically real that the birds pecked at them.’
    • ‘After all, if a dull warehouse can magically morph into a kinetic light sculpture, the possibilities are endless.’
    • ‘Precision formations and dance-like movements are incorporated in the performance, bringing the music magically alive.’
    • ‘The interior is largely obscured by an upside-down stair, magically suspended from the first floor and contained by a diaphanous veil of fine steel grating.’
    • ‘Their underlying design is a spiraling vortex, in which undulating waters magically metamorphose into watered silk, velvet into vaporous cloud and firmament.’