Meaning of magnetically in English:


Pronunciation /maɡˈnɛtɪkli/

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See magnetic

‘Virtually all of my tee shots are horribly sliced, as my ball seems to be magnetically drawn to hazards, poor lies and forests to the immediate left of that uncharted strip of welcoming turf known as the fairway.’
  • ‘Gary the guide reported that for all Beijing's attractions, westerners are magnetically attracted to the local flea market, the Silk Alley Market.’
  • ‘This black box is a vehicle tracking system, and what's unique about it is, it can be attached magnetically to a vehicle in very little time.’
  • ‘This component is actually a magnetically controlled thermostat which is at the heart of a portable gas catalytic glue gun newly developed by the company.’
  • ‘Aluminium and steel cans are separated magnetically.’