Meaning of mahoosive in English:


Pronunciation /məˈhuːsɪv/


informal British
  • Exceptionally big; huge.

    • ‘you don't need a mahoosive bag for a night out’
    • ‘the screen is mahoosive’
    • ‘Stekelenburg hooves a mahoosive goal kick that bounces for the first time on the edge of the Dutch penalty area.’
    • ‘Don't think I've quite done justice to how mahoosive this ITV studio is.’
    • ‘I'm off for a couple of days to another mahoosive IT services provider site.’
    • ‘I got to thinking about the mahoosive amount of storage space that all those drives represent.’
    • ‘She has sent us her short documentary on the mahoosive 24,000-square-foot fully solar-powered LED-panel wall.’
    • ‘There is a block of titanium placed into a mahoosive machine.’
    • ‘That is an mahoosive insult to her.’
    • ‘She still had on mahoosive skyscraper heels.’
    • ‘She splashed out $12 million on this mahoosive house in the trendy Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles.’
    • ‘It seems people love their mahoosive mobiles, and screen sizes have rocketed.’


1990s probably a blend of massive and a phonetic respelling of the first letters of huge.