Meaning of maidservant in English:



  • A female domestic servant.

    • ‘She promptly placed one thousand man-servants opposite one thousand maidservants and declared, ‘He will marry her, she will marry him, ‘and so on.’’
    • ‘‘Lilly,’ Lady Cynthia summoned the maidservant over to her.’
    • ‘The maids bringing in lace caps and a box of hair powder on the left are probably her maidservants, Antonia Vanderbrocht and Petronila Valdearenas.’
    • ‘We are reminded of Defoe's Moll Flanders, whose narrator ruefully recalls aspiring as a young maidservant to be a ‘Gentlewoman’ like a woman in her village who sits at her window dressed in fine clothes.’
    • ‘The door opened to find Alban standing with Lady Madeline seated besides her maidservant.’
    female servant, maidservant, housemaid, parlourmaid, serving maid, lady's maid, chambermaid, maid-of-all-work, domestic, drudge, menial