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Pronunciation /ˈmeɪlmən/

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nounplural noun mailmen

North American
  • A person who is employed to deliver and collect letters and parcels; a postman.

    ‘The mailman put the mail inside the mailbox, then looked around, noticed nothing, and reached back into the truck, grabbing a small envelope, the unlabeled one, and stuffed it in as well.’
    • ‘By the way, I leave a little cash in the mailbox for the mailman.’
    • ‘Even the mailman showed up on time to give him his junk mail.’
    • ‘I smiled apologetically at the mailman and took the mail from him.’
    • ‘As he sat there the mailman came up and brought the mail.’
    • ‘As Danni was about to walk into the house she noticed the mailman had been by, she walked to the mailbox and pulled out the pieces of mail.’
    • ‘I would ride my bike the mile down to our mailbox and wait there for the mailman, hoping for something good to arrive.’
    • ‘She barks at the paperboy in the morning, the mailman in the afternoon and at trucks any time of day.’
    • ‘In the 1870s, it took mailmen two days to travel the road from Santa Clara to Felton, a distance of 30 miles.’
    • ‘I love games and so I'm always excited about some new diversion and I must admit that one of my greatest pleasures is coming home and seeing a package that the mailman has left.’
    • ‘It's the season of giving, it's the season of sharing, it's the season of tipping your mailman with checks and bottles of sensibly-priced alcohol.’
    • ‘The mailman is an elderly man, in his late 50s or even 60s.’
    • ‘It's the middle of September and I'm waiting for the mailman.’
    • ‘When Mr. Mica Crawler, the old mailman, came by the blacksmith shop John thought the old man had come to gossip for he was known to do that a lot.’
    • ‘She went to the window to see if the mailman had driven by.’
    • ‘I hate going into the shopping mall at the corner of my home, but that is where I have to pick up my packages that are too big for the mailman to carry.’
    • ‘I eagerly await the last Friday of every month for the mailman's arrival.’
    • ‘The mailman, who can't get in because the front door is locked, leaves letters for me on the front steps.’
    • ‘When I pulled into my neighborhood, I noticed Derek in his front yard talking to the mailman.’
    • ‘I sat on the wall in front of my house, waiting for Jack, the mailman to come.’
    postal worker
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