Meaning of mailshot in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmeɪlʃɒt/


  • 1A dispatch of mail, especially promotional material, to a large number of people.

    ‘retail multiples use targeted mailshots to support new branches’
    • ‘Up to 140,000 homes in Belgium and a further 140,000 in Holland have been targeted by mailshots extolling the beauties of York as a tourist destination.’
    • ‘Businesses have been warned about firms claiming to regulate health and safety legislation for cash after a number of companies in the district were targeted through a mailshot.’
    • ‘On top of this, consumers are bombarded by television and newspaper adverts, as well as mailshots dropping through their letterboxes daily, enticing them to take out credit.’
    • ‘The Scottish Daily Mail recently launched a massive mailshot with seven weeks' worth of vouchers offering the paper at 1p.’
    • ‘The 500 or so firms that replied to the mailshot thought they were registering for a free service.’
    • ‘The Office of Fair Trading has warned consumers to be on the lookout for personal loan mailshots which break the law by advertising misleading interest rates.’
    • ‘Kingston Council is to carry out a mailshot of residents in the borough to find out more about the employment needs and aspirations of people with physical disabilities.’
    • ‘When we heard he was retiring we did a mailshot of our own around Harry's round and everyone thought it would be nice to give him a big thank you.’
    • ‘A Whitbread spokesman said the error was due to an outside agency using an old list of contacts for a nationwide mailshot.’
    • ‘Consumers were bombarded with mailshots offering new credit card deals, advertisements for credit and promotions to encourage young people to run up overdrafts and take out loans and mortgages.’
    • ‘University candidates must lobby their electoral college by means of a mailshot to their tens of thousands of voters.’
    • ‘In breathless prose, delivered down the telephone or by mailshot, we are informed that this is our lucky day.’
    • ‘When you introduce a new product or service, send a press release to all relevant media publications and a newsletter or mailshot to clients or customers.’
    • ‘How many times have you found your mailshots have missed the mark - or are addressed to the wrong decision maker?’
    • ‘We will run mailshots for you monthly or every other month to your clients and new prospects, freeing up your time to concentrate on your business.’
    • ‘There are endless possibilities with mailshots and a well targeted mailshot is an increasingly effective way of generating business.’
    • ‘A successful mailshot requires both time and effort at the planning stage.’
    • ‘Most importantly, you probably won't have a good way of targeting the mailshot, that is, making sure that only those interested in the topic covered by the mailshot, actually get that information.’
    • ‘The main aim of a mailshot, just like any other advertising scheme, is to raise awareness and interest of the product/service that is being sold.’
    • ‘The bogus mailshots look official in appearance and focus on data protection and warn of criminal offences if companies do not register with them.’
    letters, packages, parcels, correspondence, communications, airmail
    1. 1.1An item sent in a mailshot.
      ‘I have just received a mailshot from another firm’
      • ‘Trading standards bosses say the letter is part of a mailshot sent to homeowners by a company claiming to be the UK's leading agent introducing property owners to telecom companies.’
      • ‘A toddler from Essex nearly choked after swallowing a lozenge included in a mailshot.’
      • ‘Using a sales letter as part of a mail shot is a cost effective approach for creating sales.’
      • ‘You could have leaflets printed which you distribute or send out as part of a mail shot.’


[with object]British
  • Send promotional material to (a large number of people)

    ‘you mailshot your prospect list with an offer’
    • ‘I need to store the details of a database of clients mailshotted within a selected products files.’
    • ‘I was mailshotted by a network operator advertising their Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith themed mobile phone.’
    • ‘The Pru is mailshotting women over 50 and men over 55 advising them to contract back into the second state pension.’
    • ‘You would expect people they were mailshotting to live locally and be aware of the church so they could easily check if it was a scam by just ringing the vicar.’
    • ‘This information will be used for our promotion including email marketing, postal mailshotting and order processing where applicable.’
    • ‘However, to explain the usefulness of being able to select two products - perhaps you released your new software product a month ago and had already mailshotted your existing customers.’
    • ‘To set the ball rolling, a good 100 leading film schools, media colleges and private training institutes were mailshotted to submit entries.’
    • ‘We updated their existing website, created a new mini-site for the new product and developed advertising, fact-sheets and mailshotting material to support their marketing efforts.’
    • ‘We explained that we had hired a suite for the duration of that weekend and that we had already mailshotted a large number of people as well as placing adverts in the HiFi press.’
    • ‘If you're an estate agent, you shouldn't be mailshotting a list of properties ‘to let’, to people who are looking to buy.’
    • ‘Now, in the USA, people looking for work are mailshotting potential employers with two hundred hand-written resumes.’
    • ‘I've been burnt by an agency mailshotting my resume to every company in the city.’
    • ‘‘Can I say a big ‘thank you’ for the flyers… they are a roaring success, and are currently being mailshotted to clients and on display in enterprise and community centres.’
    • ‘Charles knows how most new players find out we've mailshotted all of our poker members, which is about the casino and also ensures new players are not over 3,500 people.’
    • ‘The trial scheme in Lincolnshire found that of the 100 pubs mailshotted for possible assistance, none responded.’
    • ‘I paid $14.99 for a year and I'm not sure if that was from one of those pull-out cards inside the magazine or maybe they mailshotted me and offered me that price.’
    • ‘Although all tenants had been mailshotted originally, some came to meetings and said they had not received a questionnaire.’
    • ‘I used to find most agencies pushy and unprofessional in their outlook, willing to make the candidate feel desperate by mailshotting potential clients with information.’
    • ‘Entries are personal or system wide and, for mailshotting applications, can be linked into distribution lists to allow the same fax to be sent to multiple destinations in a single operation.’
    • ‘He added: ‘We have no idea whether it has been mailshot en masse to North Yorkshire.’’