Meaning of main road in English:

main road

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  • A major road, typically one with a large amount of traffic.

    ‘we live on a busy main road’
    • ‘I turned right off the main road on to a dirt track’
    • ‘The main road is often the village's only central public space.’
    • ‘These illegal loggers cut with impunity, often working in plain sight along main roads.’
    • ‘A few months ago, the council erected street lights along the main road in the town area at an estimated cost of N $2 million.’
    • ‘A temporary detour has been constructed while the main road is being rebuilt and resurfaced.’
    • ‘Also, when travelling on foot, stick to well-lit, busy, main roads, which are much less risky.’
    • ‘I remember something he told me years ago while driving down the main road of our village one summer.’
    • ‘The stronger case, however, is for a general strengthening of the main road network away from the motorways and trunk roads.’
    • ‘A long gravel driveway leads from the main road to the front door and continues to a parking area at the back.’
    • ‘My house, situated by a busy main road, has recently become quieter after installation of new windows.’
    • ‘Numerous outlets for takeaway foods are open along the main roads, in food halls and shopping centres.’