Meaning of maize in English:


Pronunciation /meɪz/

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mass nounmainly British
  • A Central American cereal plant that yields large grains (corn or sweetcorn) set in rows on a cob. The many varieties include some used for stockfeed and corn oil.

    North American term corn

    Zea mays, family Gramineae

    ‘A similar phenotype has been observed in other species, including maize and sorghum.’
    • ‘The main crops that are harvested for this are maize, rice, wheat, and potatoes.’
    • ‘Previous work with wheat and barley is extended to include experiments with maize.’
    • ‘Farmers may be forced to change from barley and wheat to maize as warming continues.’
    • ‘Tortillas are infinitely versatile and usually made from corn or maize, but also from wheat.’
    sweetcorn, maize, corn on the cob, Indian corn


Mid 16th century from Spanish maíz, from Taino mahiz.