Meaning of make a hash of in English:

make a hash of

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  • Make a mess of; bungle.

    • ‘he made a right hash of tearing open the envelope’
    • ‘Damien Hindle fired in a cross which Cherry made a hash of and his palmed clearance dropped to Doni Clarke, who headed home from six yards.’
    • ‘Let us take, for example, the so-called principles of the treaty, which were sent off to the judges to deal with and which, in my opinion, they have made a hash of.’
    • ‘Almost immediately the ball was dispatched downfield, but Reyna made a hash of his goal attempt and the ball sailed high over Nick Culkin's bar.’
    • ‘They are making a hash of the government's plan to get the state-owned corporation into shape for eventual privatisation.’
    • ‘Sorry, I'm making a hash of this, I had this grand eloquent spiel, which has all gone to pot, cos I can't get anything to work to demonstrate what I'm talking about.’
    • ‘It seems to be impossible to implement a law against spam - unsolicited bulk email - without making a hash of it.’
    • ‘She went back on her promise to resign and made a hash of explaining why.’
    • ‘If your only choices are to serve the requirements of your job properly and betray your ethics versus follow your ethics and make a hash of your job, surely you need a new job?’
    • ‘Some men make a hash of their relationships and careers but love their children.’
    • ‘But what a wasted opportunity, nevertheless, if it turns out the film has made a hash of the book's lighthearted yet moving charm.’
    make a mess of, bungle, botch, fluff, fumble, butcher, mess up
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