Meaning of make a mockery of in English:

make a mockery of


  • Make (something) seem foolish or absurd.

    ‘new technology is making a mockery of our outdated laws’
    • ‘That would be absurd and make a mockery of the entire project (as well as rendering all other results from it unreliable).’
    • ‘He is making a mockery of all this in his business dealings and justifying his actions by saying he has to be competitive with the rest of the world.’
    • ‘It's all too often clumsy, insincere and inappropriate, making a mockery of otherwise noble values.’
    • ‘It also makes it plainly evident that some at the Town Hall have vested interests that make a mockery of what it should stand for - which is impartial service to the people of this community.’
    • ‘I think any time we profess something with our lips and we don't back it up with our lives, you make a mockery of what you say you believe.’
    • ‘This will make a mockery of all the years of consultation and campaigning by so many local people.’
    • ‘An immediate departure by the Dutchman would have made a mockery of all that had been constructed in his name.’
    • ‘He was making a mockery of how our society works and our expectations.’
    • ‘I notice that your decision to send your son to a private school is embarrassing you, making a mockery of what you've said in the past about education.’
    • ‘To do so makes a mockery of what the playoffs should be all about.’
    • ‘What has happened makes a mockery of what this Committee is considering today.’
    • ‘To express any form of sympathy for them makes a mockery of what I feel for their victims.’
    • ‘You would make a mockery of out if our family name!’
    • ‘Indeed, to suggest otherwise is to make a mockery of true individual liberty.’
    • ‘The traditions of the game were made a mockery of.’