Meaning of make haste in English:

make haste


  • Hurry; hasten.

    ‘I make haste to seal this’
    • ‘As for rushing things, it is wise to make haste slowly, but make haste toward this goal nevertheless.’
    • ‘Hurry, Vicky, we shall make haste lest the guards be alerted of our taking leave.’
    • ‘My last train home was at 00: 20 so I decided I'd better make haste.’
    • ‘It was now after 11 PM and we decided to make haste and get out of the ‘security zone’ before it got much later.’
    • ‘Anyone wanting to apply for the jobs would need to make haste though, as the closing date for applications is Tuesday, July 27.’
    • ‘Africa should therefore make haste and come up with strategies, which will strengthen her position at a global level.’
    • ‘Others were encouraged to sell by estate agents who advised them to make haste.’
    • ‘Donning childlike smiles and glowing with eager anticipation, we made haste for the dining room just a few steps down the hall.’
    • ‘But shouldn't we make haste? They might be looking for us already.’
    • ‘This autumn devotees of the American artist Thomas Eakins will want to make haste to Philadelphia where two impressive exhibitions of his work are on view.’
    hurry, go fast, go quickly, hasten, hurtle, dash, dart, race, rush, fly, flash, shoot, streak, bolt, bound, blast, charge, chase, career, hurry up, speed up, scurry, scramble, scamper, scuttle, sprint, run, gallop, go like lightning, go hell for leather
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