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make off

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phrasal verb

  • Leave hurriedly, especially in order to avoid duty or punishment.

    ‘they made off without paying’
    • ‘He also admitted making off without paying a £22 taxi fare.’
    • ‘The warning follows a number of incidents in which members of the public have made off from taxis without paying their fares.’
    • ‘He added: ‘We need to trace anyone who saw the assault, or the suspect making off.’’
    • ‘The father-of-two said he had seen the criminals making off down the cycle path.’
    • ‘He was seen kicking her on the ground, before making off in the direction of Clapham Old Town.’
    • ‘Terrified workers fled into a store room at the sight of the men who ransacked the cash till and safe before making off.’
    • ‘The robber stole cash before making off on foot and turning left in the direction of Braintree.’
    • ‘This time the men stole jewellery and money before making off towards the town centre.’
    • ‘The man took hold of the woman's handbag and dragged her to the floor before making off on foot.’
    • ‘He eventually came to a stop in Chestnut Avenue, and tried to make off on foot, but he was surrounded by officers.’
    run away, run off, take to one's heels, beat a hasty retreat, flee, make one's getaway, make a quick exit, make a run for it, run for it, take off, take flight, bolt, fly, make oneself scarce, leave, abscond, decamp, do a disappearing act
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