Meaning of make oneself scarce in English:

make oneself scarce


  • Leave a place, especially so as to avoid a difficult situation.

    • ‘I could see he was annoyed so I made myself scarce’
    • ‘‘It was an empty building and a small piece of glass,’ said PC Lewis, who expected the majority of people in the same situation would have made themselves scarce.’
    • ‘Shelley and Thomas however, had made themselves scarce and gone to clear up the kitchen.’
    • ‘The boy had made himself scarce in the past week, obviously avoiding the messengers for the day.’
    • ‘Truth be told, continental Europeans have been making themselves scarce during times of crisis for more than two generations.’
    • ‘And the 25-year-old miner who found it is, if not exactly in hiding, certainly making himself scarce.’
    • ‘I think you'd better make yourself scarce for the day.’
    • ‘There's no need to worry about the invasion of privacy, as the crewmembers are usually very experienced in knowing when to make themselves scarce or when you may need an explanation of some of the surrounding beauty and sites.’
    • ‘Bears are solitary creatures, and with the encroaching populations of humans descending upon their habitat, they will most likely make themselves scarce once they hear all those weird noises.’
    • ‘Having supervisors that make themselves scarce or won't back me up when they are around are just things I have to live with.’
    • ‘The fifth character is divorced, single mother Sue, invited by Beverley because her 15-year-old daughter Abigail is having her own bash and mum needs to make herself scarce.’
    go away, depart, leave, take off, get out, get out of my sight