Meaning of make waves in English:

make waves

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  • 1 informal Create a significant impression.

    • ‘he has already made waves as a sculptor’
    • ‘This story is already making waves in the book world.’
    • ‘Though only in its third year, Macalester's African American Studies Conference is already making waves.’
    • ‘Success in Athens is already making waves across the Mediterranean.’
    • ‘The locally grown invention is already making waves across Australia and even overseas.’
    • ‘It has already made waves in the science community, with students from the school making a groundbreaking ecological discovery in Richmond Park when they measured the life around the Pen Ponds car park.’
    • ‘It seems this and another study are already making waves in that field.’
    • ‘Ulster attempted to sign him three summers ago when he was making waves at Connacht and already touted as an international.’
    • ‘His new book, The Lost Love Letters of Heloise and Abelard is already making waves.’
    • ‘It is the kind of thought process we in this country love and I suspect it will make waves when it is published in English, as it already has been into Chinese and other languages.’
    • ‘Kelly is also impressed with one Galway company that is making waves in Asia.’
    1. 1.1Cause trouble.
      ‘I don't want to risk her welfare by making waves’
      • ‘Being part of the jeans generation is an affirmation of the positive aspects of life, and indicates a willingness to defy convention and question tradition, rather than keep a low profile and avoid making waves.’
      • ‘He wants to avoid making waves if he can, obviously.’
      • ‘But the affable lawyer with little stomach for making waves didn't take him off the job.’
      • ‘Drugs are also still making waves in the tennis world.’
      • ‘That was the straw that broke the camel's back for a lot of lads who had already been making waves over the living conditions and their treatment.’
      • ‘After only a few weeks on the job with the Rangers, he already is making waves for his newest rivals - the Stanley Cup champion Devils.’
      • ‘He cannot understand why they should be making waves, including making waves publicly, about the running of the village, because all it does is undermine everybody's investment.’
      cause trouble, be disruptive, be troublesome, cause a disturbance
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