Meaning of maki in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmaki/


mass noun
  • A Japanese dish consisting of sushi and raw vegetables wrapped in seaweed.

    ‘I stopped in for a quick dinner of fresh and delicious spicy tuna maki’
    • ‘We moved on to try some of the medium-size maki sushi.’
    • ‘The six pieces of maki sushi seemed to be constructed from undercooked rice and some not-so-fresh ingredients.’
    • ‘Somewhat less exciting was the salmon maki in tempura.’
    • ‘We'd ordered a couple of pieces of sushi proper (by which I mean just the fish and rice combo) and a large amount of maki, because Mikado's maki is really out of this world.’
    • ‘Temaki is similar to maki but is cone-shaped, uncut and eaten by hand.’
    • ‘Their avocado shiitake maki is a treat at any time of the day.’
    • ‘I was impressed with the vegetarian options - the vegetable spring roll, vegetable tempura and vegetable maki sushi were excellent.’
    • ‘All rolls were beautiful presented on a platter, the crunchy spicy tuna maki was the best I've had in a long time.’
    • ‘Although everything seemed fairly fresh, the maki was just average.’
    • ‘Luckily, we stopped in during happy hour to take advantage of the $4 maki rolls and $5 mojitos.’


From Japanese makizushi, from maki- (combining form of maku ‘roll up’) + -zushi (combining form of sushi).