Meaning of makutu in English:


Pronunciation /məˈkuːtuː/


mass noun
  • 1New Zealand Sorcery; witchcraft.

    ‘The Urewera, famed all over New Zealand for their skill in makutu practices, often used spittle as a bait.’
    • ‘If a woman is sitting in the front, her fertility would be affected by makutu, says Walker.’
    • ‘But even modern Maoris don't like to meddle with makutu.’
    • ‘Makutu was resorted to often for the purpose of avenging some insult, or to punish a thief or other evildoer.’
    1. 1.1count noun A magic spell.
      • ‘This is necessary, that the makutu may take effect, and the person who stole the flax be discovered.’
      spell, incantation, conjuration, rune, magic formula, magic word, abracadabra, jinx