Meaning of maladminister in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmaladˈmɪnɪstə/


[with object] formal
  • Manage or administer inefficiently or dishonestly.

    ‘many hospitals are still visibly maladministered’
    • ‘We are led to believe that our hospitals are filthy, that waking up during surgery is commonplace, that medicines are routinely maladministered, and that experts will never agree.’
    • ‘Employees may be able to complain to the pensions ombudsman that the scheme was maladministered, but this may be difficult to prove.’
    • ‘These were the athletes whose puberty and growth were delayed, and one of the tools was thought to be maladministered contraceptive pills.’
    • ‘Care must be taken to not develop resistance to the disease by maladministering the coccidiostat.’
    • ‘A problem that Cheshire County Council has been trying to maladminister their way out of for the last 6 years.’
    • ‘But already there's a note of warning from those accused of maladministering the subsidy.’
    • ‘A government, woefully ignorant of science, continued maladministering the war.’
    • ‘We know that, as with any central bank, the hypothetical Central Bank of Texas would have the power to debase the burrito by printing too much of it or by maladministering our franchise.’
    • ‘There was no hint that the Government might have been at fault or that the previous Government might have been maladministering their own Act.’
    • ‘The Chief Medical Officer's report An Organisation with a Memory set a goal for reducing to zero the number of patients dying or being paralysed by maladministered spinal injections.’
    • ‘The agency will target in particular maladministered injections into the spine, harm caused in childbirth, error in the use of medicines and suicides by mental health patients as a result of hanging.’
    • ‘And don't argue the toss with them because if you do the chances are, like with some councils, they will maladminister to get the right result for them and the wrong one for you.’
    • ‘And it could not avoid liability by claiming that the £70,000 loss was not a reasonably foreseeable consequence of maladministering a personal current account.’
    • ‘Bureaucrats who have grown fat on maladministering the current arrangements will not take kindly to outsiders who try to replace them.’
    • ‘He said ANC councillors had maladministered public funds and decisive action against corrupt councillors was needed.’
    • ‘Beyond these, in the best of our but narrow capacities, we have but the power of administering, or maladministering, wealth.’
    • ‘Their grieve that the intent of government staff is to maladminister, drain resources, indulge in brigandage and ‘rule’ the people, particularly the poor.’
    • ‘But if Brigden was neither bottlenecking nor maladministering, why was he eliminated?’
    • ‘I've had 5 gentlemen complain about the service that you appear to be maladministering today and I've not even had lunch yet.’
    • ‘Conservatives, like Labour, have backed away from a fundamental rethink of our centrally maladministered, Stalinist National Health Service.’