Meaning of male sterility in English:

male sterility


mass nounGenetics
  • The situation whereby individuals of a normally hermaphrodite species produce only female gametes.

    ‘Restoration of cytoplasmic male sterility in most species, including studies in S. vulgaris, seems to involve a mixture of mostly dominant and some recessive alleles.’
    • ‘We found that 10 out of 11 species crosses involving hybrid male sterility show Y chromosome effects in at least one direction of the cross.’
    • ‘A strong reduction of cytoplasmic neutral genetic diversity is therefore expected in species experiencing cryptic dominant male sterility.’
    • ‘Null 2 mutations result in defects in gametogenesis that cause incompletely penetrant male sterility and complete female sterility.’
    • ‘Direct evidence of the interaction between nuclear and mitochondrial genes comes from the study of cytoplasmic male sterility.’