Meaning of mallee gate in English:

mallee gate


  • A makeshift gate, especially one set into a fence in a rural area.

    ‘the west boundary was crossed through a mallee gate consisting of five plain wires’
    • ‘He sent me up to the mallee gate which led into the northern laneway.’
    • ‘"D'you know what a Mallee gate is, Bob?"’
    • ‘Protection from stock was provided by a fence with four barbed and a middle plain wire, the entrance being a mallee gate.’
    • ‘Some mud walls remain inside, and neatly framed and jointed mallee gates subdivide the compartments.’
    • ‘There was a very wide mallee gate which separated the two paddocks.’
    • ‘When a visitor opens the Mallee gate, the housewife sends the half-naked children away out of sight.’
    • ‘I've seen more stock crippled through getting tangled in a Mallee gate left lying on the ground.’
    • ‘Barbwired and Mallee gates figure largely on all properties.’
    • ‘You never had to open a gate, they were low mallee gates up mid-north, and over your horse would go.’
    • ‘On some farms the Mallee gates are in use.’