Meaning of malleefowl in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmalɪfaʊl/

nounplural noun malleefowl

(also mallee hen)
  • A megapode (bird) found in the mallee scrub of southern Australia, with pale patterned plumage.

    Leipoa ocellata, family Megapodiidae

    ‘Only the malleefowl and the Australian brush-turkey can be found in habitats outside the rainforest.’
    • ‘The malleefowl is unique in that it is the only megapod that makes it's home in dry, inland scrub.’
    • ‘State Forests already provides financial support for the malleefowl breeding program at Western Plains Zoo and supplied the program's original breeding pairs from Goonoo.’
    • ‘Even without taking into account large-scale land development, the malleefowl faces enormous survival difficulties with industry and ingenuity.’
    • ‘The malleefowl is a Megapod and a large sedentary bird.’