Meaning of malnourished in English:


Pronunciation /malˈnʌrɪʃt/

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  • Suffering from malnutrition.

    ‘None of Manne's authors have unearthed an observation of Aborigines starving or even malnourished.’
    • ‘Those choices include the target feeding of malnourished children under five, and pregnant or lactating women.’
    • ‘But by now all three were malnourished and suffering from amoebic dysentery.’
    • ‘A recent malnutrition survey of South Kivu found more malnourished adults than children.’
    • ‘Barclay was severely malnourished when discovered amid the squalor’
    • ‘Yet 27 per cent of children under the age of three are malnourished in Kerala.’
    • ‘A malnourished body requires a complete balanced food packet that builds up its ability to absorb nutrients.’
    • ‘Her two children, little malnourished boys, clutched her skirt and wouldn't or couldn't smile.’
    • ‘Children living in hostels have lost weight and expectant mothers are malnourished, the report also found.’
    • ‘The afflicted can be neglected and malnourished, and depression often sets in.’
    • ‘Like almost all children in the camp, Teresa is obviously malnourished.’
    • ‘Just £57 will save the life of a severely malnourished child in an intensive therapeutic feeding centre.’
    • ‘At the very least, it is a considerably malnourished imagining of how, why and for whom intellectuals write.’
    • ‘It is also supplying vaccines, medicines and high protein biscuits and therapeutic milk for malnourished children.’
    • ‘There is clearly a problem in the community, but there is no evidence that patients are becoming malnourished in York Hospital.’
    • ‘What if a quarter of Israelis were reduced to dire poverty and its children were malnourished?’
    • ‘Without a male provider they may be malnourished during pregnancy and so jeopardise the health of their unborn.’
    • ‘There are no doctors on duty overnight, and by morning this malnourished child is not moving.’
    • ‘Hospitals have no water or power, doctors are giving themselves intravenous drips because they are so malnourished.’
    • ‘It's important to serve as much protein as possible to these malnourished people.’
    ravenous, empty, hollow, faint from hunger