Meaning of Malo-Russian in English:


Pronunciation /mɑːləʊˈrʌʃn/


(also Malorussian)
  • Of or relating to Malo-Russia or its inhabitants; specifically of or relating to the Slavic people of Malo-Russia or their East Slavonic language.


Late 18th century; earliest use found in William Tooke (bap. 1744, d. 1820), writer and translator. From Russian Malorossija, obsolete name for Ukraine (or a derivative such as Malorossijanin a Ukrainian; from malyj little + -o- + Rossija Russia, after medieval Greek Μικρὰ Ῥωσσία little Russia, Ukraine) + -an. Μικρὰ Ῥωσσία (goes to post-classical Latin Russia Minor) was formed in antithesis to Byzantine Greek or medieval Greek Μεγάλη Ῥωσσία great Russia, Muscovy.