Meaning of malodorous in English:


Pronunciation /malˈəʊd(ə)rəs/

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  • Smelling very unpleasant.

    ‘leaking taps and malodorous drains’
    • ‘The eating of garlic is well known for causing a particularly pungent malodorous breath that can have unpleasant social consequences.’
    • ‘He wondered if perhaps something was in the rubbish bin in the kitchen that was malodorous but it didn't quite have that kind of smell.’
    • ‘Levitt determined definitively the most malodorous component of the human flatus: hydrogen sulfide.’
    • ‘He then tried to sell me one of his malodorous brown ewes for $50.’
    • ‘Is Mary not ‘fragrant’ after all, but positively malodorous?’
    • ‘Here it is… equally malodorous, mendacious, but it's up there on the Web for all to see, truth is stranger than fiction.’
    • ‘The doctor has brought sleeping medicines, malodorous, the colors of dark jewels, but they no longer have an effect.’
    • ‘Like the river from which it takes its name, the series may occasionally seem picturesque but closer inspection reveals malodorous and stagnant depths.’
    • ‘To what end would election officials risk so malodorous an action?’
    • ‘More strident liberal critics accuse Taranto of using humor to sugarcoat an otherwise malodorous agenda.’
    • ‘Giuliani disposed of it through politics, and left a malodorous dilemma on Bloomberg's desk.’
    • ‘Anything faintly or potentially malodorous is despatched briskly.’
    • ‘They are ugly, malodorous, fraudulent, and worst of all, brown!’
    • ‘The place was full of hacks - God, what an ill-dressed, malodorous bunch.’
    • ‘Lady Warnock is handed a baby to feed, ‘a damp and malodorous object’ the like of which she never wished to see again.’
    • ‘Tobermory looked after him for a quizzical moment, then turned his attention to the malodorous bundle.’
    • ‘The silent, malodorous site was surrounded by a corrugated tin fence topped with coils of barbed wire.’
    • ‘Now I'm worried it might make the house seem in some way malodorous.’
    • ‘The largest public concern is the generation and transport of malodorous compounds across the landscape.’
    • ‘Some of the malodorous wounds seen at the end of life include bedsores and fungating breast cancer lesions.’
    foul-smelling, evil-smelling, fetid, smelly, stinking, stinking to high heaven, reeking, reeky, pungent, acrid, rank, high, putrid, noxious
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