Meaning of malodour in English:


Pronunciation /malˈəʊdə/


  • A very unpleasant smell.

    ‘in most cases, the malodour is obvious to the sufferer’
    • ‘We can detect malodours if we smell dental floss or woodsticks that have been used to clean between our teeth.’
    • ‘If the malodour is due to systemic diseases like pharyngitis or bronchitis the concerned specialist should treat it.’
    • ‘If someone smells bad, you'll have to decide whether he can control his malodour.’
    • ‘Oral malodour (foetor oris) predominantly originates from the tongue coating, gingival crevice, and periodontal pockets.’
    • ‘He looked scared to death, and his breath gave off an unknown malodor.’
    • ‘This gas may give rise to malodour, although it is not considered harmful in the concentrations being released.’
    • ‘Good oral hygiene can prevent periodontal disease and oral malodour (halitosis).’
    • ‘The most common cause of oral malodour is anaerobic bacteria and fungi as the major contributors.’
    • ‘It is therefore imperative that the procedures for the abatement of malodours are very effective.’
    • ‘The larger sample size was used if the level of malodor observed in the headspace of the sample was low.’
    • ‘This penetrating vapor controls and eliminates malodors from smoke, humidity, food and biological odors.’
    • ‘Patients’ persistent complaints about malodour are often ignored by dental clinicians.’
    • ‘It can be sprayed directly onto a surface for extreme malodors, or diluted with water and sprayed.’
    • ‘Especially effective in rest rooms, garbage cans, dumpsters, anywhere malodors are a problem.’
    • ‘This one carton of refills is all you need to control malodors and fragrance a room with clean fresh scents.’
    • ‘Obvious malodour is not perceived by others although the patient stubbornly complains of its existence.’
    • ‘Can we observe differences in our psychophysiological response to malodours and pleasant smells?’
    • ‘Dentures are another important cause of oral malodour, particularly if they are worn overnight.’
    • ‘With proper monitoring, care and attention, malodours will quickly become a thing of the past.’
    • ‘This fragrance was specially formulated to neutralize malodors, that commonly plague our pets.’
    smell, scent, aroma, perfume, fragrance, bouquet, savour, nose, tang, essence, redolence