Meaning of man alone in English:

man alone


New Zealand
  • A self-reliant, rugged male, particularly as a New Zealand stereotype.

    ‘he was an outsider, a man alone, living just where adventure begins’
    • ‘It's a portrait of a man alone.’
    • ‘With no car, little money, few possessions and the rural postal service as his means of communication, he was truly a man alone.’
    • ‘He is very much a man alone in this saga.’
    • ‘Besides, he adds, "there is nothing better than a man alone who can live with himself".’
    • ‘He made the effort to suggest he is not a man alone.’
    • ‘Ruth is a complex kind of "man alone" figure - her solitude is vulnerable rather than romantic.’
    • ‘His early poetry was apocalyptic, a man alone talking to his god about the creation of the world.’
    • ‘I guess this will also add to the 'man alone' image of New Zealand cinema.’
    • ‘He is the key actor of his generation, through his incarnation of the dominant Pakeha cultural archetype, that of the "man alone."’
    • ‘These two books consider the man alone theme, albeit in radically different ways.’


1980s from the novel Man Alone (1939) by John Mulgan.