Meaning of man crush in English:

man crush


  • 1 informal An intense and typically non-sexual liking or admiration felt by one man for another.

    • ‘the actor confesses to having a man crush on Clooney’
    • ‘He's the one who wanted me to invite him; I think he has a man crush on him or something.’
    • ‘Andrew and I had the most interesting discussion about man crushes on footballers.’
    • ‘I know he's fine with my man crush on him because he told me it was okay.’
    • ‘Just for the record, there is nothing wrong with having a man crush and I do have one for Paul Rudd and George Clooney.’
    • ‘I really have a major man crush for Fernando Torres.’
    • ‘I tweeted out this morning that I've got a man crush on him.’
    • ‘If his writing is anything to go by, it looks like the actor has a huge man crush on Ryan Gosling.’
    • ‘If it weren't for his whistling, we'd have a bit of a man crush on this Swiss bloke.’
    • ‘The actor may also hope to be in a show alongside Leonardo DiCaprio as he has a "man crush" on the Hollywood legend.’
    • ‘Nick harbored a major man crush on the successful and sophisticated Russell.’
    1. 1.1A man who is the object of another's intense liking or admiration.
      ‘he is my new man crush in the league’
      • ‘He said in one of the interviews that you're his man crush.’
      • ‘Asked who his man crush is, he said: "Leonardo DiCaprio. I think he's captivating."’
      • ‘You are pretty much everyone's man crush right now, thanks in huge part to your promotion of your new film.’
      • ‘George Clooney was his first man crush.’
      • ‘He is my irrational man crush for 2014.’
      • ‘He is my new man crush in the league.’
      • ‘He is cheating on his man crush.’
      • ‘This guy is my ultimate man crush.’
      • ‘He has admitted that David Beckham is his man crush.’
      • ‘If I were to have a man crush, Owen would be it!’