Meaning of man flu in English:

man flu


mass noun informal, humorous
  • A cold or similar minor ailment as experienced by a man who is regarded as exaggerating the severity of the symptoms.

    • ‘Greg was off sick with man flu, according to his wife’
    • ‘Only this morning, I received a message from my partner, thanking me for caring for him during his brave battle with man flu.’
    • ‘I have sometimes been accused in the past of suffering from "man flu" - a flu virus that appears to hit men much harder than women.’
    • ‘Therefore he says than men get "man flu" and women get "sniffles".’
    • ‘Some women will power through the flu, popping pills and drinking tea and disdainfully accusing any male silly enough to stay in bed as having a dose of man flu.’
    • ‘On the other hand, though - and any woman who has had to nurse her partner through a bout of 'man flu' can attest to this - men are less likely to suffer in silence.’
    • ‘Sadly their set was shortened, as Alex was suffering from what he described as 'man flu' (!) so with a flurry of drumsticks and a crash of falling cymbals it was all over, too soon.’
    • ‘On the night I get to sit beside him I have a cold, and he has 'man flu'.’
    • ‘It is generally believed that sufferers of man flu are exaggerating their symptoms to extract maximum sympathy from a few sniffles and force their partners to run after them with tissues, hot water bottles and painkillers.’
    • ‘BTW I'm not one of these blokes that does "man flu".’
    • ‘She said: "Women tend to talk more about their feelings generally, but men, it seems, appear to vocalize more when they're sick - that's where the myth around man flu originated."’