Meaning of man of the people in English:

man of the people


(also woman of the people)
  • A person who comes from an ordinary background or identifies with ordinary people.

    ‘he is very much a man of the people’
    • ‘He is wasting no time in trying to make it clear he's a man of the people.’
    • ‘He burnished his credentials as a man of the people by taking the Tube to the Olympic Park.’
    • ‘The approach is presumably to make her sound like a woman of the people.’
    • ‘Their perspective is from the perch of the upper class, particularly those media celebrities who pretend they are men and women of the people.’
    • ‘He always cultivated an image as a man of the people.’
    • ‘He still revels in his reputation as a man of the people.’
    • ‘He spoke with the voice of a man of the people.’