Meaning of man up in English:

man up

phrasal verb

  • Be brave or tough enough to deal with a difficult or unpleasant situation.

    • ‘you just have to man up and take it’
    • ‘Now to his credit, here is Sean Hannity, manning up.’
    • ‘At a rally later in the day he manned up.’
    • ‘Dean will have to do a lot more than man up to overcome the President's popularity.’
    • ‘You've got to man up to be in the police.’
    • ‘He told me to man up, then slapped me.’
    • ‘We were manning up for what would be the final night event of the deployment.’
    • ‘This is where you have to man up.’
    • ‘I'm sorry people are being rude about all this but these people need to man up and realize that they are going to take some heat.’
    • ‘They need to man up and take responsibility.’
    • ‘But since even a bad day golfing is better than a good day doing anything else, he manned up, borrowed his brother's clubs, and ventured onto the course at the Red Ledges Golf Club.’