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  • A sea cow of tropical Atlantic coasts and estuaries, with a rounded tail flipper.

    Family Trichechidae and genus Trichechus: three species

    ‘Native animals range from the jaguar and howler monkey to the manatee, and there are more than 290 species of birds.’
    • ‘There are three species of manatees, including the West Indian manatee.’
    • ‘They provide food and shelter for thousands of species, including endangered manatees, dugongs and sea turtles.’
    • ‘Like deer in the headlights of an oncoming car, manatees have poor avoidance strategies when in the path of danger.’
    • ‘Imagine what a giraffe, or an elephant, or a manatee looked like to the first Europeans to see them.’
    • ‘Such encounters are so common that researchers are often able to identify manatees from their scar patterns.’
    • ‘He actually adopted a tree in the tropical rainforest and a manatee down in Florida.’
    • ‘This year the two projects will focus on Florida manatees and wild lions in Kenya.’
    • ‘Some manatees seek shelter here in the Suwannee River, which runs through northern Florida into the Gulf of Mexico.’
    • ‘The diet of the captive manatees used in this study consists principally of romaine lettuce.’
    • ‘But the manatees swam along the shore and the people followed the manatees all of the way down here.’
    • ‘Monkey River is 45 minutes to the south by boat, through mangrove estuaries that are home to manatees.’
    • ‘Because manatees move freely along the coast, they are ideal indicators of environmental change.’
    • ‘The death toll was 325, with careless boaters killing 81 of those manatees.’
    • ‘He is hoping to test a prototype device with manatees in the natural environment under highly controlled research conditions.’
    • ‘Tell the class that early explorers in Florida thought manatees were either mermaids or monsters.’
    • ‘The gestation period is one full year for manatees, and cows give birth only once every 3 to 5 years.’
    • ‘While conducting night surveys for crocodiles, Klein sighted three manatees in Laguna Siksa.’
    • ‘In recent years, a manatee traveled to New York and another swam up the Mississippi River!’
    • ‘The largest population of manatees is found in Florida, where approximately 2,000 individuals now live.’



/ˌmanəˈtiː/ /ˈmanətiː/


Mid 16th century from Spanish manati, from Carib manáti.