Meaning of mandap in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmʌndəp/


(also mandapam)
  • 1(in southern India) a temple porch.

    ‘Outside the main entrance to the temple is a stone mandapam and around this area are several shops that sell anything from lead and stone vessels to brass and bronze prayer items.’
    • ‘Once he reached the temple, he was thrilled and ecstatic and, threw away all his clothes and entered the mandapam only in a small piece of loincloth.’
    • ‘The original mandapam where the king used to rest while visiting the temple is quite unrecognisable now.’
    • ‘It is now time for jubilation and exchange of greetings in the middle of the mandap.’
    • ‘In the light drizzle, his niece, followed by her husband and son, and then her mother, make their way to the mandapam.’
    • ‘By evening, the grand edifice of the temple and the neon lights of the commercial area are reflected in the waters along with the five mandapams dotting the periphery.’
    • ‘A Kerala-style mandapam and sculptures will be put up there.’
    • ‘In those regal days, it is said, the king and the queen, after taking a round about trip by boat, would retire to the central mandapam for a bit of rest.’
    • ‘An icon of a crawling Krishna in a silver cradle or leaf is placed in the mandapam.’
    • ‘The east-facing temple is constructed on a six-foot-high platform and has a pillared mandap and a gate.’
    • ‘On the ceiling of this mandapam are the wonderful images of ‘navagrahas’ or nine deities intricately done in wood.’
    • ‘A beautiful flight of steps along with mandapams for devotees to rest, take us to the top of the hill.’
    • ‘In all there are eight mandapams scattered over the main hill, two of which have been left unfinished.’
    • ‘With the temple becoming a popular marriage centre, the two mandapams are increasingly becoming inadequate.’
    • ‘Almost all the communities in the town can today boast of a couple of mandapams of their own.’
    • ‘In front of the temple was once an ancient shopping center lined with mandapams, the ruins of which stand today.’
    • ‘Two of the mandapams have been left unfinished.’
    • ‘The following mandapams are found in this temple.’
    • ‘There are many mandapams on the way for people to take rest.’
    • ‘The outer pillars of the mandapam seen here have sharply-cut discs at the top and square blocks at the centre to which granite figures are attached to form angled brackets reaching the eave.’
    1. 1.1A temporary platform set up for weddings and religious ceremonies.
      ‘According to the police, additional security would be provided around the mandapam where the wedding is scheduled to take place.’
      • ‘He is then escorted to the mandap while the rest of the party takes seats among the audience.’
      • ‘She was ceremoniously brought to the mandapam by the groom's maternal uncle.’
      • ‘Some of the senior priests ran from one wedding mandap to another to be present at the most crucial moments of the ceremonies.’
      • ‘However, now it is common to find more than two marriages being held at the same venue with most halls boasting of an additional mandapam.’


From Sanskrit maṇḍapam.