Meaning of maniac in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmeɪnɪak/

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  • 1A person exhibiting extremely wild or violent behaviour.

    ‘when he sits in front of a PlayStation he transforms into a karate-chopping maniac’
    • ‘he leapt into the car and drove off like a maniac’
    • ‘a homicidal maniac’
    • ‘He is not a homicidal maniac, but a violent, evil man made even more so by his addiction to unnamed drugs.’
    • ‘I lost several pounds and I looked like a maniac.’
    • ‘The driver was screaming like a maniac at this stage.’
    • ‘Johnson starts roaring like a maniac, laughing like there's no tomorrow.’
    • ‘I don't endorse driving like a maniac, but yesterday I drove like one.’
    • ‘Instead, she is standing on a corner in Edinburgh's New Town, clutching a large, flowery bag, waving like a maniac.’
    • ‘I can almost see him, hunched over the drawing board, laughing like a maniac as each scene explodes into life before his eyes.’
    • ‘Lee was still on the phone giggling like a maniac.’
    • ‘He was puffing slightly and grinning like a maniac.’
    • ‘Swinging around like a maniac would get me nowhere.’
    • ‘‘Yes, and I'm laughing like a maniac, too,’ Selas growled in response.’
    • ‘I arose from bed to see why Stan yelled like a maniac.’
    • ‘I just laughed like a maniac, remembering previous events.’
    • ‘I ducked my head so I wouldn't start grinning like a maniac.’
    • ‘He pounded one hand on my back, grinning like a maniac.’
    • ‘He screamed, running like a maniac to the side of my car.’
    • ‘I know I am a paranoid, psychotic, evil maniac.’
    • ‘He's not some crazy maniac, he's just somebody you would want to talk to.’
    • ‘He had done his duty to the community by shutting up a wandering and probably dangerous maniac.’
    • ‘He was a psychotic maniac who got what he deserved.’
    1. 1.1 informal with adjective or noun modifier An obsessive enthusiast.
      • ‘a religious maniac’
      • ‘a sex maniac’
      • ‘A night of petrol-fuelled hedonism is in store at Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium on Sunday where motor maniacs can admire a human canon ball, a monster truck, fire stunts and car crashes.’
      • ‘This was one for the war buffs amongst the motoring maniacs.’
      enthusiast, fan, addict, devotee, aficionado
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  • 2Psychiatry
    archaic A person suffering from mania.

    lunatic, madman, madwoman, mad person, deranged person, psychopath, psychotic
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Early 16th century (as an adjective): via late Latin from late Greek maniakos, from mania (see mania).