Meaning of manicou in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmanɪkuː/


West Indian
  • An opossum.

    ‘You may even see an opossum-like manicou or the large agouti - a rodent introduced as food by the Amerindians.’
    • ‘But in the islands people rave about a squirrel-like critter called the manicou that tastes quite a bit like chicken and is surefire hit at barbecues.’
    • ‘From that day this manicou stayed with Boyo and his family.’
    • ‘The meat of the manicou and agouti is best smoked and stewed.’
    • ‘Apart from marine mammals, there are two large mammals of note in Dominica: the agouti and the manicou.’


From Tupi maniku.