Meaning of manifestly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmanɪfɛstli/

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  • In a way that is clear or obvious to the eye or mind.

    ‘we have manifestly failed to exercise good judgment’
    • ‘the system was manifestly unfair’
    • ‘Feature filmmaking there remains a manifestly male-dominated domain.’
    • ‘He is the thinker of the gang, manifestly sucking his wisdom out of his thumb.’
    • ‘He restricts himself to poetic echoes that are manifestly conscious.’
    • ‘This is manifestly not the action of a mere eccentric.’
    • ‘Perhaps the most literate and intelligent man of his time, Shakespeare was also manifestly a man of the theater.’
    • ‘His still-life images manifestly bear an overwhelming weight of meaning.’
    • ‘When and where such a puncture occurs is manifestly incalculable, which is precisely what makes the object capable of such disruption.’
    • ‘What this director does not have mixed feelings about is his country or, better, his country's people, whom he manifestly loves.’
    • ‘The crime is manifestly a fiction, a movie-inspired fantasy.’
    • ‘They pass themselves off as otherwise ordinary middle-class people, when they're manifestly not.’