Meaning of manipulator in English:


Pronunciation /məˈnɪpjʊleɪtə/

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  • 1A person who controls or influences others in a clever or unscrupulous way.

    ‘His book is populated with scoundrels, megalomaniacs, psychopaths, manipulators and sadists - people he happens to find interesting.’
    • ‘I had the distinct sensation that I was a puppet of an addictive manipulator, that there was a kind of sinister hand which was forcing me in directions that I didn't like.’
    • ‘Simply put, we have a mix of self-made men and women as well as political connivers and manipulators.’
    • ‘I entirely agree that a lot of spirits are liars and manipulators.’
    • ‘I was a manipulator and scoundrel of the worst kind, who would do anything and everything necessary to satisfy my own insatiable appetite for ‘wine, women, and song’.’
    • ‘Gracia's tough yet vulnerable, a manipulator who's also manipulated.’
    • ‘They are being manipulated by the master manipulators over there.’
    • ‘Three days later she called me and asked me not to interrupt as she read me a speech, five or six sentences, where she called me a manipulator and a liar, and said that she couldn't be with me anymore.’
    • ‘But the manipulator realises, too late, that she is being manipulated, despite warnings from her faithful dresser.’
    • ‘Well, he's possibly a manipulator - but cinema itself is manipulative and the best directors have to become adept at the art.’
    • ‘To a manipulator, all behaviors are manipulation.’
    • ‘That woman and a string of mistresses describe him as a charmer but also a manipulator with a propensity to control weaker-willed people.’
    • ‘But any implied criticism of players as heartless mercenaries or of club managers and financial backers as self-interested manipulators ignores the commercial realities of rugby in the modern era.’
    • ‘The in-flight movie was the remake of The Manchurian Candidate, about a politician who receives instructions whispered into his ear by outside manipulators.’
    • ‘Fortunately the people of New Forest East have now sent a message to the manipulators.’
    • ‘They are plotters, dissemblers, manipulators, murderers of children, fanatics.’
    • ‘In my view, everyone who turns on their radio or television immediately comes under hidden attack by the manipulator.’
    • ‘Trial observers see a master manipulator at work.’
    • ‘He is not malevolent, a manipulator or much of a mastermind.’
    • ‘Hackman is comfortably cast as the amoral manipulator.’
    exploiter, puller of strings, user, manoeuvrer, conniver, intriguer, puppet master, puppeteer, wheeler-dealer
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  • 2A person who handles or controls something skilfully.

    ‘Obviously it was valuable to have the financial side of the story addressed and to hear the views of the magazine editors, social commentators and image manipulators who were summoned to assist us in our thinking.’
    • ‘Although combined therapy is an attractive option, this depends on an ample supply of both trained manipulators prepared to work for the NHS and exercise physiotherapists with access to suitable premises.’