Meaning of manipulatory in English:


Pronunciation /məˈnɪpjʊlət(ə)ri/


See manipulator

‘However, it is evident that if someone who does not claim any manipulatory skill were to be able to perform the find-the-chosen-card effect without resorting to trickery, it would upset every notion of the universe as we know it.’
  • ‘The enlargement of sensory and manipulatory structures isn't to compensate for the loss of eyes, as Darwin suggested, but may actually be the developmental cause of the organism's blindness.’
  • ‘So in the long run, their manipulatory tactics will not be able to stop the gold and silver bull market, nor will they be able to stop the continued bear market in equities.’
  • ‘The palps are sensory and manipulatory mouthparts that have another important function - they are the male sex organ.’
  • ‘It is our centralized, manipulatory government that has brought us to the chaos.’