Meaning of mantic in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmantɪk/


  • Relating to divination or prophecy.

    ‘By watching snakes, Polyidus goes on to divine a way to bring the boy back to life, teaches him his mantic art, and then, as he is leaving Crete, unteaches him by getting him to spit into his mouth.’
    • ‘If it is not quite the sign of its realisation, the plague-stricken town is the mantic diagram of power through which the Renaissance might glimpse the panoptic society to come.’
    • ‘Suggests that intoxicating nectar may have inspired the mantic states of maenads and the Delphic oracle in ancient Greece.’
    • ‘While the early Greeks emphasised mantic or inspired behaviour, it was never practised by Romans.’
    prophetic, predictive, visionary


Mid 19th century from Greek mantikos, from mantis ‘prophet’.