Meaning of mantid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmantɪd/


another term for mantis
‘Molecular characterizations and spectral tuning studies have been performed on opsin proteins found in many insect groups, including bees, moths and butterflies, mantids, fireflies, and fruit flies.’
  • ‘Cockroaches, termites, and mantids form the well-accepted monophyletic group Dictyoptera.’
  • ‘In the majority of cases, the terrestrial hosts are (at least partially) carnivorous animals such as carabid beetles, praying mantids or crickets (Ensifera).’
  • ‘This type of feeding can be found among certain spiders, mantids, scorpions, copepods, and midges.’
  • ‘An observed attraction of infected crickets and mantids towards water indicates that the parasites may induce this behavior, but the physiological stimulus is unknown.’
  • ‘In the praying mantids, the insect group most notorious for sexual cannibalism, males have been suggested to reduce the females' aggression by courtship displays and ‘cautious behavior’.’
  • ‘Flying mantids that hear ultrasound perform a bat evasion behavior that comprises a head roll, complete prothoracic leg extension, wing beat changes, and abdomen dorsiflexion.’
  • ‘Or you can use biological controls, such as praying mantids, predator flies and beneficial nematodes.’
  • ‘I enjoy the company of mantids, and although I know she'll die before spring, it's nice to give her a few more months and a chance to see snow falling.’
  • ‘Are mantids, likewise, just predatory roaches?’
  • ‘Upon hatching, the mantids must have live food every 2-3 days.’
  • ‘The book is full of these sequences, with frogs, pinkies, mantids, tarantulas, snakes, and more.’
  • ‘‘There's some evidence the female has to eat the head of the male mantid to release the full complement of mating behaviors,’ Heydon said.’