Meaning of manuka in English:



  • A small tree with aromatic leaves which are sometimes used for tea, native to New Zealand and Tasmania.

    Leptospermum scoparium, family Myrtaceae

    ‘The manuka on Stewart Island have a differently shaped leaf from the manuka on the South Island so they are thought perhaps to be a different species.’
    • ‘Ulsore spray is a new addition to the excellent Salcura colloidal range, every product of which includes manuka and disinfecting tea tree.’
    • ‘Tea tree, better known to our New Zealand listeners as manuka, looks entirely different.’
    • ‘I had to cut a track through hedgerows, manuka and gorse - you name it.’
    • ‘He stayed single and spent his daylight hours clearing the land of manuka, fern and flax.’



/məˈnuːkə/ /ˈmɑːnəkə/


Mid 19th century from Maori.