Meaning of manuka honey in English:

manuka honey


mass noun
  • Dark honey made from the nectar of manuka flowers, thought to have special medicinal or health-giving qualities.

    ‘they specialise in skincare products derived from manuka honey’
    • ‘Over the past three months, the owner has faced a 40 per cent increase in the price of the manuka honey she buys from beekeepers.’
    • ‘The programme was aimed at protecting consumers and retailers against buying and stocking fraudulent and adulterated manuka honey products.’
    • ‘She took the damage to the New Zealand brand very seriously and an international labelling standard for manuka honey was needed.’
    • ‘A 250g sample of generic unbranded manuka honey is worth about $5 on a supermarket shelf.’
    • ‘Manuka Honey is also a great tasting gourmet honey that can be used on toast, in tea and in coffee, or in your favorite recipe.’
    • ‘Just a simple English Breakfast tea with a splash of milk and a spoonful of manuka honey was the secret to her longevity, she said.’
    • ‘The almond and manuka honey baklava with passion fruit sorbet and yoghurt would not normally be my favourite, being too sweet for my sour nature.’
    • ‘The association had formed partnerships with overseas agencies to create a testing regime, as a way of protecting New Zealand's lucrative manuka honey exports.’
    • ‘The company is involved in natural health and beauty products - much of it derived from manuka honey.’
    • ‘The products worked well and were backed by spending on research into new and existing products, and the company had a robust manuka honey supply chain.’