Meaning of manuka scrub in English:

manuka scrub


mass noun
  • Scrubland consisting of stunted manuka trees.

    ‘the plot of land was a wilderness of gorse and manuka scrub’
    • ‘Thriving manuka scrub has hosted up to 2000 beehives, producing up to 56 tonnes of valuable honey a season; beef cattle also do well on the steep, scrubby country.’
    • ‘Auckland's humble beginning is further underlined by the fact that Shortland St in 1841 was no more than a narrow muddy track walled on either side by manuka scrub more than 2 metres high.’
    • ‘There followed the destruction of manuka scrub to develop more farmland.’
    • ‘Pure manuka scrub is the natural second growth scrub of the hills and is characteristic of 46-year-old vegetation.’
    • ‘There is a tendency for forest to extend into the surrounding manuka scrub.’
    • ‘Up from the Horotiu valley, the ridges and the land beyond lay before the official party as a wilderness of dun-green fern, manuka scrub and tupakihi.’
    • ‘He had pointed to a clump of manuka scrub that grew close to the water's edge about a mile from the rapid outlet.’
    • ‘To the left, manuka scrub growing around previously cleared forest (note the dead trunks from times past).’
    • ‘Kanuka tends to first establish on comparatively sheltered slopes with better soils, and then to invade open manuka scrub on harsher sites.’
    • ‘Fields of dirty-grey manuka scrub, averaging five feet in height, stretched before us.’