Meaning of many-coloured in English:



  • Consisting of many different colours.

    ‘young girls adorn themselves with many-coloured bangles’
    • ‘To each man he gave embroidered, many-coloured silken fabrics and utensils.’
    • ‘Vegetables abound, like the many-coloured grilled peppers; a lot of these are sold by weight, so you can mix and match.’
    • ‘During a stroll through the many-coloured tents of Harmony Park in the late afternoon, one could see young people hanging out, talking quietly, resting their tired feet, with clothes and towels draped over the tent ropes.’
    • ‘In a complicated, many-coloured, multi-religion society, which believes in doing something to redress general imbalances of power, old prejudices are constantly challenged and changing.’
    • ‘To be sure, the many-coloured globes which mirrored the garden in all sorts of hues were not a Dutch invention, for in the Renaissance-gardens of every country this form of decoration was popular.’
    • ‘A brass rod holds the thick, many-colored rug firm at the base of each riser.’
    • ‘A relatively young dramatic soprano, her many-colored, opulent voice already has the heft for this part in a moderately large house.’
    • ‘The many-colored marbles with which the interior is sheathed, originally brightly polished and with details picked out in gold, demonstrate the Roman love of splendor.’
    • ‘These were big airy beds, adorned with many-colored quilts, and hung with beautiful curtains, showing the skill of the mistress of the house.’
    • ‘Days find you snorkeling over pulsating sea clams and other marine life, sea-kayaking Kuata Island's slender peninsula, or hiking its interior, where you might just spot a many-colored fruit dove.’